DesignGroup Architects

DesignGroup Architects works in a wide variety of sectors and on projects of differing scales. We have more than 20 years of experience from large scale master planning, through corporate headquarters, apartment blocks and shopping malls to high street retail development and cultural centres. Every project is regarded as a new challenge, approached with curiosity to find solutions that blend functionality and aesthetics.

We place great emphasis on a close dialogue with the clients to create visionary architectural solutions. Well defined targets that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable are important elements in our working process. We strive to create buildings, homes, working places and spaces that improve living and working environments.

DesignGroup Architects is a full service architectural practice. We offer consultancy in all phases of the building project – from vision and analysis through supervision to completion. Based on the character of the commission, a team of professionals with required skills is created. 3D-modelling, BIM and scale models are used as communicative working tools with the various partners involved in the building process. Our working methods and knowhow are constantly developed through studies, innovative projects and cooperation with our international partners.

DesignGroup Architects is a member of Danish Association of Architectural Firms, Danske Arkitektvirksomheder.

DesignGroup Architects is a member of The European Architects’ Alliance, EAA. EAA is a consortium of architectural and design firms with 20+ offices across Europe. Through the membership of European Architects Alliance, DesignGroup Architects can provide an international architectural consulting service.

The office is owned by architect Christian Giese and architect Morten Ulf Jørgensen.